Creative director

Work Experience

August 2010 – present day
BBDO Worldwide, New York

VP Creative Director

/ Currently working on brands for a variety of clients within the BBDO network.

/ Global creative director for Johnson's Baby (2014 - 2017). Responsible for creative work on Johnson’s Baby worldwide and for the US market. Won an Effie for Johnson's Baby 1st global brand relaunch in 100 years. Ensure the relationship between all agency partners & clients for Johnson’s Baby is collaborative, on brand, on strategy and the quality of work is up to standard globally.

/ Produced creative campaigns on Gillette for North America, South America and European markets.

/ Provide creative support globally for BBDO worldwide and for BBDO global pitches. Clients include Frito Lay, PepsiCo Inc, Johnson & Johnson and Mars Inc. Former accounts - P&G, Mercedes, Campbell Soup Co.

October 2008 - July 2010
BBDO Asia Pacific, Singapore

Art Director

/ Client facing creative on regional accounts such as Gillette, Mercedes, ICI Dulux, HP, Panasonic, Nicorette, Stayfree.

/ Responsible for creative work on regional accounts such as Fonterra (Dairy), Gillette, Guinness, HP, ICI Dulux (Paint), Mercedes, Nicorette, Panasonic, Stayfree. Provide creative support to local accounts such as DBS BANK (Singapore’s largest bank) and Singtel (Singapore’s largest telco).

/ Represented Singapore in the Young Spikes advertising award show.

/ Asian pitch team for BBDO global pitches. (BMW, Emirates, Guinness)

/ Participated and co-conducted many creative “WorkOuts” (BBDO’s intensive brainstorm/workshop sessions) worldwide for global brands.

August 2004 - September 2008
BBDO Malaysia

Art Director

/ Named “Young Creative Malaysia” in 2006 and represented Malaysia in the Young Lotus Asia 2007
advertising award show.

/ Accounts: 7Up, Drypers (Diapers), Fonterra (Dairy), Hotlink (Malaysia’s largest telco), ICI Dulux, KFC, MINI, M&Ms, Olympus, Peps, Quaker, Snickers, Wrigley’s.